Maswali Yaulizwayo Mara kwa Mara

What are the penalties for breakage of seal/ fraudulent us of weight or measure
Ans: As per Section 45 of the weights and measures act, 2002 whoever removes or tampers with the seal/ stamps shall be punished.
Is it mandatory to get verification stamp on tax meters?
Ans: Yes, it is mandatory.
Can a person sell or use stamped weights and measures?
Ans: No, weight or measure shall be sold or offered, exposed, or possessed for sale or used or kept for use in any transaction or protection unless it has been verified and stamped by an inspector of weights and measures.
Who is the competent authority to register any person who intents to import or export any weights and measures

Ans: Any person who intend to import any Weights and Measures needs to notify WMA in order for the weights and measures to be checked and stamped.

Is there any license to manufacture, sale or repair weights and measures
Ans: Yes, the commissioner for Weights and Measures issues license to the manufacturer, dealer and repairer of Weights and Measures. The applicant can submit his application for grant of license to the commissioner of weights and measures. A license issued or renewal under this Act is not saleable or otherwise transferable. Regulation 177, made under section 54(1) of the weights and measures Act states that:-No person shall make, manufacture, repair, sell any weight or measure unless he holds a valid license. The violation is punishable under Sec 45 of the Act.
What is the penalty if a person gives short/less deliveries

Ans: Any person who gives a person short/less deliveries shall be guilty of an offence and be charged in the court of law. (sect. 41)

What is the penalty, if a person fails to get the weights or measure, verified in due time
Ans:Whoever being required to present any weight or measure for verification or re-verification, omits or fails without any reasonable cause to do so, shall be guilty of an offence and be charged by the court of law. (Sec.19)
How is stamping done in Weights and Measures

Ans: On getting a request from the user or his agent the inspector for weights and measures checks every weights and measures for accuracy, and if found satisfactory, the weights and measures is stamped by a special seal indicating the year in which it is verified. If found unsatisfactory, a rejection mark is stamped and/or a rejection note is issued

What is the necessity of imposing the Weights and Measures Laws

Ans:To ensure uniform enforcement of Standards and connected matters in Weights and Measures throughout the country