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The WMA Chief Executive Officer Ms. Magdallena P. Chuwa (center seated) in a group photo with Management members during Budget Review Meeting held on25-27 March at Ledger Plaza/Bahari Beach hotel.  

    WMA Chief Executive Officer Ms. Magdalena P Chuwa (the 1st  seated from the right side)in a group photo together with WMA Women staffs during commemoration of women’s day which was held at Morogoro.  

  The Acting Director of Technical Service Ms. Stella Kahwa explaining to the journalist about the roles of WMA during the exhibition of women’s day held at Morogoro  

  From right the third seated is the WMA Chief Executive Officer Ms. Magdalena P. Chuwa in a group photo with WMA employees specialized in accounts, internal auditing and procurement and supply officers during the opening of the 5 days training at Lamada hotel.       

  The President of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Jakaya Kikwete exchanging words with the WMA Chief Executive Officer Ms.Magdalena Chuwa during commemoration of Women’s Day at Morogoro.  

Verification of weighing scale  at a meat shop

Calibration of sand and other ballast lorries to ascertain its volume

 Weights and Measures Officer calibrating the volume of sand and other ballast Lorry                                            

  Weights and Measures officer Mr. Andrew Mbwambo (right) verifying weighing scale at a meat shop

    The new Weights and Measures Agency employees carefully listening to the CEO (not in the picture) during the opening of the Induction Course at Lamada hotel, Ilala Dar es Salaam.          

      The CEO of Weights and Measures Agency Ms. Magdalena Chuwa Speaking during the opening of  the Induction Course to the new WMA employees at Lamada hotel, Ilala.                        

  The WMA Manager for Ilala Region Mr.Hamisi Hamidu emphasizing on the importance of verifying lenghth measures to traders from mchikichini market Ilala.  

  Weights and Measures Officers verifying the accuracy of pre-packed goods in the ice cream factory.      

  The Regional Manager of Kinondoni (WMA Office) Ms. Fortunata Makoye receiving a brand new  Car (Toyota Hilux) which will help on the performance of various tasks at WMA Kinondoni. From the right is Human Resources Officer, Mr. Edward Katumba.  

  Weights and Measures officer closing one of the fuel pumps which was under delivering during surprise inspection at Kinondoni Municipality.      

  Weights and Measures Agency Officers verifying fuel pumps during a surprise inspection at Kinondoni Municipality, Second from the right is Ms. Fortunata Makoye the WMA Manager Kinondoni region.      

  WMA Calibration Services Manager, Mr. Richard Kadege explaining the use of deep stick to journalist (not in picture) during a press conference held at Habari Maelezo. On his right is the Acting Manager (education, information and communication section) Ms. Irene John.      

  The acting Manager (Education, Information and Communication Section) Ms. Irene John addressing journalists about different computer systems used by WMA , on her left is Mr. Richard Kadege the Manager of Calibration section.  

WMA Officer, calibrating a tank lorry in order to establish measurements so as to get its actual volume of each compartment

WMA officer marking dipsticks after calibrating the vehicle tanker used for transportation of fuel

Tank examination before calibration process

The President of United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete  giving Certificate of acknowledgment to the CEO of Weights and Measures Agency Ms. Magdalena P. Chuwa for her contribution  to the Success of the 10th Anniversary of Public Service week.

Weights and Measures officer verifying Gas meters used in the electric generator machines.

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